My fees are structured along a sliding scale based on income. This allows me to sustainably charge lower fees or bulk bill people who are experiencing financial hardship (please note that all of these lower fee spots are currently full, and the waitlist for them is closed).

The Australian Psychological Society recommends that psychologists charge $280 per 50 minute individual session. I am committed to keeping fees much lower than this rate so that therapy is more accessible. I am able to do this due to the lower overhead costs of working online.

Please note, fees have increased from January 2024.

(To view the fee table from your phone, you may need to scroll to the right or turn your phone sideways to see the whole table)

Fees Starting as of January 2024:

During Business Hours (weekdays before 5pm Perth time)Weeknights and Saturdays (Saturdays and weekdays after 5pm Perth time)SundaysMedicare Rebate
Higher Income Rate*
Relationship therapy with 2 people (dyad or couple)$230$250$270N/A
Relationship therapy with more than 2 people$250$270$290N/A
Regular Rate**
Relationship therapy with 2 people (dyad or couple)$210$230$250N/A
Relationship therapy with more than 2 people$230$250$270N/A
Severe Financial Hardship Rate***
Individual bulk billing$0$0 (Medicare pays the therapist $93.35)
Individual without access to bulk billing$93.35$100 $120N/A

*The Higher Income Rate is for individuals who earn an income of over $120k per year before tax, or for relationship therapy, a combined income of $200k per year before tax.  If you have dependents, then this rate is off-set against the number of dependents; this means that I will consider how many people are being supported on your income and ensure equitable treatment of people with larger families of dependent children and adults.

** The Regular Rate is for individuals who earn below $120k, or for relationship therapy, a combined income of under $200k per year before tax.

***The Severe Financial Hardship Rate is assessed on a case-by-case basis but may include people with much lower incomes (under $40k including benefits), people who are solo parents with lower incomes and without access to government benefits, or people experiencing significant barriers to both work and Centrelink benefits.  Please note that these slots are currently full and the waitlist for them is closed.

Fees can be paid by direct deposit (bank transfer) prior to or during the session.

Cancellation Fees

If you cancel a session with fewer than 24 hour’s notice, or you miss your session, you will be charged half of your session fee.  Many therapists charge the full fee for a late cancellation, but I am able to keep this cost lower due to working online (however, there is no Medicare rebate for the cancellation fee – it is entirely out of pocket).

Length of Sessions

Sessions are usually 50 minutes, but some people prefer longer sessions and I am happy to have more time with you.  Longer sessions will be pro-rated at the above rates.

Medicare Rebates

I am a registered Medicare provider.

The Australian government has extended Medicare rebates to telehealth (phone and video) permanently. This means that if you have a Mental Health Care Plan, and your GP has written a letter referring you to me for psychological support, you are eligible for Medicare rebates of $93.35 per session for 6 sessions. After the 6 sessions, I will write a report to your GP, and they will assess whether or not you would benefit from a further 4 rebated sessions after that (up to a total of 10 per calendar year).

You will need to be able to pay the full fee initially, and then in most cases I can put a claim for the rebate through to Medicare online for you, and if your bank details are registered with Medicare, you would receive the $89.65 rebate in your bank account a few days later without having to do anything.

Private Health Insurance Rebates

If you have private health insurance, you may be eligible for rebates from your provider (for non-Medicare sessions). Some people choose to use these after they have exhausted their Medicare sessions. Many private health insurers have extended their cover to phone and video sessions due to covid. Please check with your private health insurance provider to see if they cover sessions with a psychologist.

Fees for Supervision

Supervision fees are the same as for individuals and change according to time and day as above. Supervision sessions go for 10 minutes longer to make up the full hour, but I just charge the regular 50 minute amount.

If you would like to work together, you are welcome to book online.