I am part of the queer community and have extensive experience training allies, and volunteering and working with LGBTIQA+ people (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, Asexual, and including pansexual, non-binary, and people of diverse sexuality, gender and bodies who use other words to describe themselves or do not label their sexuality or gender).

I understand that LGBTIQA+ people face barriers to accessing services, and provide warm, compassionate, non-judgmental support.  I welcome people of all sexualities, genders and bodies to individual or relationship therapy. I will respect you and your partner’s preferred name and pronouns.

Some LGBTIQA+ people come to therapy to address issues such as:

  • questioning sexuality or gender and getting to know yourself better
  • shifts or changes in how you understand, experience of label your sexuality or gender
  • coming out (or ‘inviting in’)
  • dealing with homophobia, transphobia biphobia and other phobias
  • working through internalised queerphobias
  • talking through tensions with family, friends or partners relating to your sexuality or gender
  • coping with dysphoria or being misgendered
  • making decisions about social, medical or legal transition steps
  • working through tensions between your sexuality/gender and religion (your religion or that of your family or community)
  • coping with grief about the limits of transition
  • increasing connection to the queer community
  • and many other personal or mental health issues unrelated to your experience of diverse sexuality, gender or body, such as anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, family issues, grief and loss, sexual abuse, adjustment, stress management, self esteem and self worth, assertiveness and boundaries, coping with queerphobia, and increasing self compassion

If you would like to find a queer-friendly GP or other medical or support services, see Resources.

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